Earn Money From Idle Computer Time

idle processorUtilize Idle Computer Time

Idle Processor Utilization Services is a company that ‘rents’ computer power from individual computer users. It then packages this processing power/IP addresses to then be ‘rented’ out at a profit. 100% of profits are distributed to members which include all division account managers. It is the goal to distribute the ownership of IPUS to any member who wants to invest time, money and energy into this project. You can earn money by simply leaving your computer on and no purchase is necessary to achieve this. You can choose to stick with the basic earning plan, which is downloading the process software (available 01-09-2013) and receive payments for the use of your computers idle time. However, you can multiply your earnings by building a referral list, upgrade your membership to division or regional account, you can build a downline by buying referrals or install the software on more computers. The earning opportunities are endless.

The Software:

The processor software you will be downloading has two purposes: – It advises you of your current statistics, usage, income and processing power/payment rate on your screen as it runs. – It is a type of VPS (virtual private server) and it’s no more obtrusive than a web browser, there is never any connection to any of your personal data or software. The software is completely encapsulated, unobtrusive and safe. The software is only active when the computer is otherwise idle and it will not degrade the performance of your system. When you are using your computer, the process takes a back seat and waits for idle time, all done automatically.

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